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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Are So-Called "Coaching Programs" Really Worth It?

Question: I've seen a proliferation of coaching programs on the Internet the past two years or so. It seems everyone and his brother offers these things. My gut tells me they're a joke and waste of money. Are so-called "coaching programs" really worth it...or are they another sham?
W.D. Woodstock VT

Answer Marc Charles:

Good question. I'm going to write about so-called coaching programs in upcoming issues of Early to Rise, the League of Power, or in my other columns.

The so-called "coaching programs" have bugged me too.

Do they work? For some people yes.

Are all of the coaching programs a joke and sham?

Obvioulsy not....

But's like anything......

Most people and start up entrepreneurs need to be led by the hand. Of course no one admits this. Most people refer to this as "mentoring", or "workshops" or "coaching".

But my gawd....sometimes you need to stop looking for answers in other people!

I'm serious.

Just take action! Stop spending so much time trying to "figure life and business out"!

There are a boatload of  so-called mentors, instructors, teachers and "coaches" who's lives are a pathetic joke. They look great on video or at conferences. 

But if you followed them home, or watched over their shoulder during a normal work day you might be horrified. They don't always  act or behave the same way as they preach to others.

I can honestly say most of the entrepreneurs, instructors and coaches who present at conferences, seminars or trade shows have failed in business. Let's say 80% just as a talking point.

In other words,  most of the entrepreneurs, instructors and coaches who present at conferences, seminars or trade shows make his or her living coaching and speaking...not running businesses.

Does that mean you can't learn from so-called coaching programs? No. Sometimes you can learn the exact opposite of what the instructors how NOT to conduct a seminar or teach groups of people!

That being said......I'm a little league coach. I've done it for more than 20 years. I'm really good in that the kids learn the sport I'm coaching but they also have a blast.

Most coaches are full of shit and TALK TOO MUCH!

Have you ever seen most little league baseball coaches at a practice? They talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk talk! It's sickening.

Whenever I coach I let the kids PLAY 95% of the time. Just PLAY!

Then....I never teach a thousand things at one practice. That's the approach of government run public schools!

I teach the kids ONE THING at a time.

The end the entire team usually "gets it" by the end of the season.

So.....that's a long response to your question.

If you're going to sign up for a coaching program make sure the person or persons doing the coaching actually practice what they preach and are successful.

It's much my receive coaching from someone through the normal course of work or on a blog, forum, email publication or maybe a webinar.

But the typical, mass produced, Walmart style "coaching programs" are a waste of my humble, humble opinion.

I hope that helps!


Marc Charles

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