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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What's The Deal with the Amazon M Turk Program? Is it Legit?

Question: Yo Marc, thanks for the great insight and "street smart" advice for starting businesses and making moola. What's the deal with Amazon's new MTurk program? I've been to the site but I'd like your two cents.
R.B. Brattleboro VT

Anwser Marc Charles:

Hi -- I heard about Amazon's MTurk program last week believe it or not, I'm still a newbie too!

But, from what I can's a legitimate way to make money doing stuff for companies, which machines can not do easily.

Here's a link to it:

There are thousands of mundane tasks and projects for people to do. Granted, the pay is pretty low. But on the surface this is a great idea.

On top of that, it's an project. I feel a lot better doing business with Amazon, then I would hundreds of thousands of scam artists, and so-called "work at home" opportunity promoters.

Believe's always better going to the source, rather than working 10-15 levels deep.

For example, you can get paid to stuff envelopes. There are hundreds of legitimate direct marketing companies who need help and would be willing to pay a decent "per piece" fee.

But on the Internet there are thousands of companies selling envelope stuffing "programs" to unsuspecting buyers.

In many cases, with these envelope stuffing scams you could be working 10-15 levels deep in a MLM type program, or for other commissioned brokers ./ resellers.

So, whenever possible go direct to the source.

I think the Amazon MTurk program is a valid money making program. I think I'll write about it in more depth via and ebook.

Have fun.....and please keep me posted! Feedback is a big deal because it helps me to genuinely help people.



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