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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Do You Think Medical Supplies is a Good Business to Get Into?

Question: It seems medical supplies would be a viable business in just about any economic cycle. What do you think?
T.K. Las Vegas NV

Answer Marc Charles:

My only problem with medical supplies would be the incredible liabilities associated with it. But, you're right....medical supplies can be a viable business even during a depression.

Medical supplies includes oxygen, IV supplies, home health care supplies, equipment, and emergency equipment like a defibrillator,

In addition, this business requires a great deal of expertise, overhead, regulation and there is a ton of red tape.

But entrepreneurs are making money in this business -- and the door is wide open with regards to developing a franchise concept.

Maybe "tweaking" the concept would make it more attractive. For example, U.S. Medical Supplies offers medical equipment, supplies and home health supplies on the web. This business model would eliminate a lot of the red tape, actual home visits and other factors.

Just a's a link to U.S. Medical Supplies

I hope that helps!


Marc Charles

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