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Monday, March 15, 2010

Can You Recommend Any Web-Based Businesses for Kids?

Question: Can you recommend any web-based businesses for kids?
W.M. Brunswick GA 

  Answer Marc Charles:
For kids 8-12 years old I think buying and selling video games and consoles online can be a lot of fun and a wonderful small business. My 8 year-old started doing this last year. He’s making a few extra dollars each week and is having a blast doing it.
This business consists of selling games you already have on sites like, eBay, Yahoo! Marketplace and You can buy video games and consoles at deep discounts locally or online and then sell them online at a markup.
Another fun web-based business for younger kids is building a website, blog or Facebook page around something they really enjoy, and running Google AdSense (or similar ad network) advertisements on it. My daughter’s site is built around the popular TV show American Idol. She runs Google AdSense and on the site and makes about $50 each month. Granted, it’s not big money but for a 14 year-old it’s not bad and more than covers her iTune expenses each month.
But really, there are dozens of web-based business opportunities available for kids. I’m working on a special report on the topic. Drop me a note if you’d like a copy when it’s completed.
For older kids with basic Internet, search engine and PC (or Mac) skills an entire universe of opportunity is available to them. There are fantastic opportunities in basic search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), article marketing, social network marketing (on sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter), as well as blog updating.

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