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Friday, March 6, 2015

$50 Import Secret by Marc Charles

9:03 AM


I've enclosed an article I wrote for AWAI and Great Escape Publishing.

The article also talks about my new program called Importing Fortunes 2015.


Drop me a note if you've got any questions or if I can help your business in any way!



$50 Import Secret
By Marc Charles

You could start an importing business for $50.

This is not a joke.

Granted, you probably won’t produce thousands of dollars in profit instantly.

But you will be able to start importing and selling products from anywhere in the world. You’ll also get a feel for how this business works in the real world.

I’ve developed a comprehensive program to help anyone get involved in this fascinating business and market opportunity. You can read about it here.[MCS1] 

Today I’ll show you how entrepreneurs around the world are making money in this market right now.

What’s more, some people discovered how to fund their travel adventures with this business.

The key to making money as an importer (or exporter) is to focus on obtaining inexpensive or small quantities of in-demand products, and then selling them quickly on high traffic Internet shopping sites.

To locate inexpensive products for importing you can check out these sites:

1.    Aliexpress
2. Fulfillment Program
3.    Taobao – China’s eBay!
4.    Etsy

These sites will enable you to import inexpensive or low quantities of products easily. You don’t have to worry about freight forwarding, complicated procedures, tariffs, regulations or anything like this.

All you need to do is order products (import) and then sell them online.

It couldn’t be easier!

In my new program Importing Fortunes [MCS2] I encourage students to concentrate on in- demand products first and foremost.

Oftentimes entrepreneurs try to force their products or ideas on the market. It makes more sense, and costs less money, to focus on products with a market demand, rather than a “perceived” demand.

Importing Fortunes [MCS3] teaches you HOW to identify the hottest in-demand products quickly.

For example, on you’ll find dozens of companies and suppliers offering iPhone 5 Protective Cases for under $1, and this includes free shipping.

You could easily import 6 of these products for under $15.

If you conduct your market research as outlined in Importing Fortunes you would find out the iPhone Protective Case enjoys a nice demand.

If you go to eBay and you can see the popularity of this item. Then you could post your iPhone covers for sale.

Note: You should wait until you have the items in your possession before listing them for sale on eBay or any high traffic shopping site. However, I’ll show you a new program offered by that eliminates having to inventory products!

When we search eBay for iPhone Protective Cases we find more than 3,000 search results. But we focus on the product we purchased on AliExpress.

In our illustration on eBay we can see these items sell for $3.79 - $7.99 and up. 

If you purchase a product for $.60 and sell it for $3.79 your profit is approximately $3.10 per item. If you sell 100 items the approximate profit would be $310.

That’s not bad for a few minutes of work.

Getting Started!

Every successful business has a formula.

I’ve developed a successful formula for this business too!

When you’re starting out in this business, and you have a minimal investment, it’s important to understand how and where to obtain small quantities of products, as cheaply as possible and selling them quickly on high traffic Internet shopping sites.

And that is the formula: acquire products cheap + sell the products online with nice profit margins + ship the products to customers = Make Money

You’ll need to investigate potential partners, suppliers and exporters. I’ll show you how to do it with an incredible new website.

We’ve also launched the Importing Fortunes interactive forum! This is a powerful resource to help you connect with other entrepreneurs, importers and exporters.

We monitor the forum throughout the day, post exciting news, developments and new ways to import and export products. We also feature entrepreneurs doing this – which is priceless when someone is starting out in business.

The import export market is a multi-trillion dollar wellspring of cash. The best news is you can leverage this market with a business of your own for $50….all kidding and jokes aside. Check out my new program Importing Fortunes today to find out if this is a good fit for you.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

iPhone Cases by Marc Charles

6:22 AM

Hi Gang:

I've talked about selling iPhone cases previously.

I especially like the idea of importing cases at deep discounts, and reselling them for a nice profit.

One of my friends and client is doing it:

Go Like and receive 25% discount on our #iPhone 6 case - it's so durable that it was once used as a bullet proof vest

Take a look...


Monday, March 2, 2015

Mining Business Plan Review by Marc Charles

8:55 AM
Hi Gang:

I've enclosed a review I did for a mining startup venture in Australia.

I just thought many of you would find it interesting.

I offer super-simple business plan, idea and strategy reviews on Fiverr for only $5 (which is amazing to me!).

But as part of my consulting and advisory business I offer in-depth analysis, review, suggestions and real world experience for attracting investors.

Just contact me if you're interested or need my help. BUT -- if you contact me PLEASE keep your requests brief, and follow instructions accurarelty so we can save time.





27 butt street,
Toowoomba 4350
Queensland Australia

Written by:
Blair pettett
Warwick Anderson[MCS1] 

Western Copper Gold PTY LTD is the partnership based company in which two partners are contributing to start this business. Blair Pettett and Warwick Anderson are joining hand to start this business. In this business 90% contribution is from Blair Pettett and 10% contribution from Warwick Anderson side. It is located at 27 butt street, Toowoomba 4350 Queensland Australia.
Western Copper Gold PTY LTD is Start-up Company and is intended to offer upon a central mining operation to supply a consistent income from alluvial gold mining.
Western Copper Gold PTY LTD will also have an exploration team that sole purpose is to explore and find tenements that meet the geologists requirements of minerals and the will be responsible for doing the initial test planning and drilling to prove up resources, the tenements will be categorized into Sizes of large300-500ha+, medium 200-300ha, small 100ha- also be categorized into mineral type, and medium and small tenements will be sold to the public via a website with minor marketing.
Our initial product would be mining alluvial gold and selling directly to THE PERTH MINT.  Company planned to sell at least 4 tenements a year. Marketing will be provided via a website with all the details of sites and results etc. advertised as for sale ads also machinery and plant equipment will be advertised alongside the services we can offer, etc. with small advertising costs.
The company will need $1,500,000 to start the operations and float the company for 6 months. The company will borrow money if the interest rate would be range from 10-15% pay an average of 12.5% will be worked out on the schedule of repayments.[MCS2] 

Western Copper Gold PTY LTD is Start-up Company and is intended to offer upon a central mining operation to supply a consistent income from alluvial gold mining.
Western Copper Gold PTY LTD is the partnership based company in which two partners are contributing to start this business. Blair Pettett and Warwick Anderson are joining hand to start this business. The company will need $1,500,000 to start the operations and float the company for 6 months. [MCS3] 


 Start Date
 End Date
Purchase mine lease inc. tests
Purchase process plant
Purchase fuel& items needed
·                Selling directly to THE PERTH MIN
·                Source for public to buy either a proven mining lease with proven resources [MCS8] 
Company will require purchasing a processing wash plant and machinery including excavator, dump trucks, wheel load, water pumps, generators and camp accommodation. The company will need $1,500,000 to start the operations and float the company for 6 months.[MCS10] 




Computer etc.





Cash Required

Startup Inventory

Other Current Assets


Total Assets

Total Requirements


This full service and packages are not offered by any company in Australia at all.
The alluvial gold produced from mining the central mine lease will be sold at market rate to the Perth mint in Western Australia please see for prices!
The secondary income from the selling of mine leases with proven resources will have a valuation done to determine the price or charged at a 200% mark up from the total costs involved. If however the client decides the want a complete processing package with machinery and plant included will be charged with a 15% commission.[MCS14] 

The exploration team will have:
The mining team will have:
Blair pettett with 3 operators, each operator will be paid via abn contract rate. Operators will be paid $30 per hour for expected daily hours of 10 hrs. =$6,000 each x 3 =$18,000 total month.
Owner/ Blair
3X Operator

The production costs will be per month with expected minimum production of 4 units of 1 kg gold bars continuous and 8 mine sites ready to sell as proven leases or as packages in 18 months
Wages:       $56,000
Fuel:         $40,000
Transport cost: $4,000
Flights:        $1,500
Travel:        $3,000
Insurance:      $1,500
Total costs per month= $106,000
Average price per 4 units= $160,000
Total profit Expected = $56,000 [MCS19] 
Marketing will be provided via a website with all the details of sites and results etc advertised as for sale ads also machinery and plant equipment will be advertised alongside the services we can offer, etc. with small advertising costs.

In short, Western Copper Gold PTY LTD has planned to sell at least 4 tenements a year. As it takes 18 months to peg a mine lease in application process can be sooner but for the first 18 months we will be pegging at least 8-10 leases and 4-6 leases every year thereafter.

Sample Business Plan
Sana Tayeb - Founder / Operations Director
Johangir Tayeb - Executive Director
Novation Consulting Inc.

Executive Summary
Novation Consulting Inc. (the Company) is focused on social media management, strategic market research and comprehensive marketing plans, for small to mid-sized business clients in USA, Canada and the Middle East

Products and Service
Novation Consulting Inc. provides a full range of social media management services, marketing, research, consulting and related services to business owners

Social media management is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Internet market. The value of the market is expected to exceed $1 billion annually by 2015 according Forrester Research, a leading market research firm

The social media management market is a hot rising trend, and therefore attracts vibrant competition. The Company is positioned to leverage the market opportunity. Novation Consulting Inc. has identified three primary competitors:

Novation Consulting Inc. enjoys several competitive advantages. The Company’s primary competitive edge is their small business Internet marketing expertise

[MCS25] Sana Tayeb - Founder / Operations Director

Johangir Tayeb - Executive Director
The Company leverages the Internet, search engines, social media and direct marketing to acquire new members (tennis pros, coaches and instructors) and users (consumers). The Company also utilizes search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) techniques in order to appear prominently in the top search engines

Novation Consulting Inc. seeks a $250,000 investment, loan or business grant, at market rates, with a four-year note. The Company shall provide security and collateral as required

 [MCS1]Excellent opening. I would use the same font style and color though. This will give your plan a professional look.

You can Google the term “business plan template” for ideas. My business plan on Fiverr is much different than other plans or templates,. But the general idea is to accurately communicate the BIG IDEA.
 [MCS2]You’ll need to find a way to revise your executive summary and opening.

This is good, but too wordy. Plus you should not state all kinds of other information and needs, like initial planning, mineral types, advertising, and funding requirements.

The MOST IMPORTANT aspect to an executive summary or business plan opening is to focus on the BIG IDEA – not dozens of smaller ideas.

Banks, investors and VC firms are only interested in the 3 things: the BIG IDEA, PROOF of market demand, and HOW you plan to reach your target market (specific strategy not generic).

 [MCS3]I don’t recommend using different font sizes or styles. You should stick with one font size or style throughout the entire plan.

This section needs to be re-worked, edited or proofread. It’s important to proofread all documents. You can retain good proofreaders on Fiverr for a couple of dollars.

If a bank manager, investor or VC firm notices grammatical errors or typos in your plan they will throw it in the trash. They will conclude if you can’t write a simple document how could you possibly run a mining operation?
 [MCS4]Neat logo. I like it. But I would also consider researching other mining company logos for some ideas. You’ll notice a common thread among the most successful mining companies. Their logos are typically symbols or professionally designed.

 [MCS5]What geologist? Do you mean that meets YOUR geologist’s requirements?

I would revise or edit your mission statement. Your mission has too many unneeded words. I wrote an example of what could be done:

Our mission is to explore and mine alluvial gold for our clients

 [MCS6]2013? I think the year is wrong
 [MCS7]This is confusing. There’s no explanation as to what this information means.

I would remove this section.
 [MCS8]I like this section. But I would write it differently rather than use bullet points.

However, the main idea is intact, so that’s good J
 [MCS9]Very confusing
 [MCS10]You should always put funding requirements at the end of a business plan or executive summary.

What’s more, you’ve mentioned you need money ($1.5 million) too many times.

Banks, investors and VCs KNOW you need money. The question on their minds will be the downside risk. Many VC firms receive hundreds of summaries and requests for funding every week.

The ones rewarded with an investment or loan are usually the startup
 [MCS11]There are many ways to do this. But the MOST IMPORTANT expense is not listed here. The actual gold mine or gold mine lease.

Plus….$40k for fuel just doesn’t seem right, at least not for this phase of your startup. I would re work this section and the fuel costs
 [MCS12]What long term asset?

What about mine lease assets, equipment, cash on hand, collateral, or other assets?

I would remove this section or rewrite it. Right now this section pulls your plan down
 [MCS13]Excellent. You summed up the BIG IDEA in one sentence!

But don’t write in the “future tense”, write instead in the “current tense”.

I realize you are NOT mining right now. But you need to give investors the perception this is a viable current business
 [MCS14]You’re using too many words to communicate simple ideas.

My suggestion would be to reduce your plan to one or two pages in length, correct grammatical errors and retain a professional proofreader.
 [MCS15]Management should not be a “plan”. It is simply your management team.
 [MCS16]You need to remove this section or rewrite it. On the surface sections like this will give the perception to investors your venture is too small, too complicated or too amateurish
 [MCS18]Remove. You also need to correct misspellings
 [MCS19]I know you’ve worked very hard on your plan!

I want to make sure my comments are only meant to help and guide you to great success.

On the surface, I REALLY like the Big Idea of your business. But you’re presenting so much unneeded information, facts and opinions that it degrades your plan.

Try to simplify everything. And as I’ve said, a professional editor or proofreader could clean up your plan in just a few minutes.

Another suggestion is to Google “mining company business plan”, or “mining company summaries” to see how the “big boys” showcase and communicate their business and opportunity. You could apply some of the things you learn to YOUR plan.

 [MCS20]You need to find a better way to say this….and communicate the Big Idea and market opportunity.

Has the Perth mint already signed agreements or contracts with you? Do you KNOW for sure they want your alluvial gold?

If you have agreements, letters of interest, or a contract in place this would put your business plan and executive summary on a whole new level.

In fact, when you have agreements or letters of interest in place investors and/or VC firms would put your plan on the top of the stack, or in the “important” file.

But, I like your business idea, market and opportunity.

I hope that helps!

Marc Charles

PS I’ve enclosed a sample one-page business plan for your reference. I have the top business plan writing Gig on Fiverr.

A one page business plan eliminates 95% of all useless information, facts and opinions.  You could have two business plans. One would be concise and to the point (one page), and the other one could contain more details for interested investors.

 [MCS21]You can insert your name, title, company, address, phone, URL and email here

 [MCS22]You can insert your market stats here. I found these on Google. But I was unable to find facts or stats with regards to your particular model. You will need to research your market to find the appropriate figures
 [MCS23]You will need to determine why your company is unique, special or better than the competition.  I do not have this information or insight. But I wrote an example

 [MCS24]You can insert financial information here. It doesn’t need to be extensive, and especially for a startup. But it is usually good to list assets, liabilities and operating expenses.
 [MCS25]You can insert your name and a short bio here. If you have other people helping you or managers you can insert his or her names here as well. The bios should be short and emphasize expertise as it relates to THIS venture.
 [MCS26]You can insert your marketing strategy here. Most entrepreneurs wait until the last minute to address marketing issues and strategies. I think it’s the FIRST thing that needs to be addressed. You can work on your marketing strategy. But I wrote an example.
 [MCS27]If you are seeking investors, financing or business grants you can insert your requirements here. It is best to round off amounts, and show investors or banks how and when notes will be repaid. I wrote an example.