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Thursday, July 14, 2016

How to Obtain a Free Review of Your Business Plan by Marc Charles

9:15 AM


I'll review your business plan or executive summary absolutely free.

However, there are a couple of absolute requirements.

Check out my video for details.

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Secret Weapon: The A/B Prospect Formula by Marc Charles

7:39 AM

Greetings all:

The A/B prospect formula as taught to me by Gary Halbert (deceased) has helped me generate tens of millions of dollars in sales.


Nothing to buy -- just a great FREE VIDEO ;)

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Truth About Business Competition by Marc Charles

9:12 AM


Most new entrepreneurs disagree with me on this topic.

You decide ;)

Hot New Video

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Logic and Probability in Business by Marc Charles

5:21 AM


Here's a new video on a very cool topic: logic and probability in business ;)

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Friday, July 1, 2016

How to Spot Rising Trends in Business by Marc Charles

9:22 AM

Hi Gang:

If you'd like to spot rising trends BEFORE everyone else....check this out:

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mobile Apps Gone Wild by Marc Charles

Hi Gang:

If you like the mobile app business my new video is a MUST SEE....

Seriously ;)


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Friday, June 24, 2016

It's ALIVE! Marc Charles Academy

7:04 AM

Oh yeah.....

And the best part is my new venture is absolutely free.

There are NO sales pitches, products, advertorials, endless sales "funnels", or endless backend products.


Marc Charles Academy Introduction


Walking Billboards

11:42 AM


This is kinda neat.....

Put Legs On Your Campaign and Stand Out With Our Walking Billboards!

Have fun.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Marc Charles Academy is Live!

7:04 AM

Oh yeah.....

And the best part is my new venture is absolutely free.

There are NO sales pitches, products, advertorials, endless sales "funnels", or endless backend products.


Marc Charles Academy Introduction



Sunday, June 19, 2016

How to Get Money for Your Business by Marc Charles

It's true.....

There's a much better and effective way to get money for your business, startup or expansion.

Seriously ;)

New Video

Marc Charles

Friday, May 27, 2016

Marc Charles Academy Video -- Ya Gotta See This One!

8:06 AM


The best part is my new YouTube Channel is its absolutely free.

There are NO sales pitches, products, advertorials, endless sales "funnels", or endless backend products.


Marc Charles Academy Introduction


Friday, May 20, 2016

Come on....Coloring Books Hot Rising Trend?

8:03 AM

Hi Gang:

I've enclosed a great new update from Nick Laight. This is cool.

Be sure to check out Nick's newsletter and products -- he's the "real" deal when it comes to making money and hot rising trends.

I'm going to do this for myself!



How to Make Money with Coloring Books for Adults

Hi Marc:

I’ve developed a strange obsession…

About 6 months ago I was in my local Waterstones, wondering what to buy with some old book tokens I’d found at the back of a desk drawer.

Alas, the only other time I visit Waterstones is to check out the latest books and then order them via Amazon!

I’m actually a regular visitor to our local Oxfam bookshop, where I’ve found some amazing buy-sell opportunities. But I’ll leave that for another email…

Anyhow, I was in the art section and I came across a book called Art Therapy Mandalas - 100 Designs for Colouring in and Meditation.  

Intrigued, I bought the book.

Once home I dug out a set of good pencils I’d bought years ago but never got around to using.

And then I got started…

Colouring in is said to aid mindfulness, lower stress and generally aid mental well-being.

And I can vouch for that.

But what they don’t mention is just how addictive it can be!

I always want to make sure I finish a mandala, but on some of the more complex ones, that means 6 hours or more of continuous colouring in!

But hey, it keeps me off the streets and completely chilled after the stresses of the day.

Of course, once hooked, I started searching Amazon for other books to satisfy my cravings…

Most others were more crafty and without sounding like a colouring in snob, a bit too easy.
I much prefer something really intricate – after all, it’s the process rather than the end result that matters. (I’ve binned countless pieces I'd spent hours on because I didn’t feel they had the right mix of colours.)

Rather than lower my standards/keep up the challenge I branched out and started downloading images of old woodcuts instead!

Once I had the bug, I’d literally make an excuse just to go to the local art shop to check out their gel pens!

Sad, I know... but I'm probably not alone.

In the last few weeks, it seems like colouring in for grown ups is everywhere.

Suddenly, it's gone mainstream… and is making some people very rich!
I was in Selfridges department store last week and they had a dedicated table for the new trend.

And as I type these words, 3 out of the top 10 best selling books on are colouring titles.

On the US site it's 7 out of the top 20!

Johanna Basford is the undisputed queen of the genre, selling over 1.4 MILLION copies of her book The Secret Garden since 2013.  

Millie Marotta has sold half a million books!

And I’ve seen a TV ad for an Art Therapy Part Work.
This colouring in for grown ups craze started in France where books were explicitly marketed as a de-stressing exercise and it has spread here.

Waterstones has revealed there was a 300 per cent rise in sales of colouring books between Christmas 2013 and Christmas 2014.

Go back further, and the famed psychotherapist Carl Jung first discovered the therapeutic benefits of mandalas with his patients.

If colouring in isn’t your thing, what about doodling?

Whilst researching the subject, I went down a lot of rabbit holes...

And one led me to a whole publishing phenomena called Zentangles.  

According to the website, “with the Zentangle Method anyone can create beautiful images from repetitive patterns.”

Interestingly, one woman is selling her Zentangle doodles as – yes you guessed it – images for adult colouring books!
Colouring books for grown ups will be one of the THE major publishing trends of 2015 and if you are so minded, this could definitely offer you extra income opportunities:
  • Create your own colouring books – either illustrate yourself or commission others and sell as digital or print on demand via Amazon
  • Alternatively find images (art/prints) in the public domain – upload to a computer and remove any colour, allowing the colourist to add their own
  • Consider subject-specific colouring books – dogs, cats, flowers, decorative patterns, heraldry...

And the lesson?

Open your eyes.

Six months ago I would have never thought adult colouring books or doodling would become such a publishing phenomenon.

This week, try and be open to the possibilities of what's going on around you.

Are more and more people talking about a specific subject? A film, book, product, company, website...

Listen on the bus, in a queue, at work...
I guarantee once you open your eyes and ears and tune in, you'll start to see patterns and new trends.

And make sure you report back with anything juicy!
Best regards


Director of Colouring In
What Really Makes Money

Monday, May 16, 2016

New Service to Improve Ad Words --

Wow! Amazing way to improve any #AdWords campaign by spying your #competitors -- seriously --

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

9:02 AM

Yup....the greatest secret in business today.

According to Da Man ;)

Hot New Video from Marc Charles

Thursday, December 31, 2015

The REAL Way to Make Money with Videos by Marc Charles

The REAL Way to Make Money with Videos by Marc Charles

8:11 AM


I received this question in 2012 and it's still relevant today, so I'm re posting a column on the topic.

YouTube is the master of the universe when it comes to online videos. This includes targeted traffic, average time spent on the site and ad revenue.

But believe me….YouTube is NOT the only game in town.

I’ll show you some ways to make money with YouTube which is applicable for the other online video sites too.

So let’s get this party started!

I’ll give you three easy, proven ways to make money with YouTube.

I agree most of the stuff you read online regarding YouTube money makers is a joke!

I’ll set the record straight for you.

Tactic #1 --- YouTube for Business

This opportunity involves making short YouTube video for businesses,
Charitable organizations and special-interest groups (like local Red Cross chapter). 

Most people realize they need a YouTube video, but almost no one knows how to make one.

Making YouTube videos for businesses is super easy!

In fact, it’s so easy a 15 year-old can do it! My daughter has started making YouTube videos for local restaurants. She got the idea from another girl on Twitter before she read my commentary or League of Power article!

Once of the easiest software apps for making (and editing) YouTube videos for businesses is Microsoft Movie Maker 2.6.

There are bunch of other programs available, including Sony’s
Movie Maker 10 and most programs are under $100 or free. 

But almost anyone can use Microsoft Movie Maker 2.6…it’s that easy.

Combine this software with a video camcorder and you’re in business!

On top of that, in only takes a few minutes to shoot and edit a top quality video. Practice makes perfect!

Heck….video editing is a nice skill to master even if you don’t want to make money!

Here’s the key to making money with YouTube for Business…

My recommendation would be to offer a local business, restaurant, (charity or special interest group) a complete YouTube Video package.

The video package could include a domain name, a simple website or blog,
and Google search strategy for $500.

If a business owner doesn’t want a domain, website or Google strategy you could offer a simple video posted to YouTube for $69 (more or less depending on the market).

The actual price point may vary from town to town, and market. But these would be good starting points in most locations.

Businesses need YouTube videos….but your ideal prospect would be a business owner already spending money on Internet marketing or online advertising.

Tactic #2 “How To” Videos with Backend Sales
One of the fastest growing sectors on YouTube is the “How To” videos.

There are MILLIONS of How To videos in the YouTube database!

You’ve probably seen these online…it’s about learning how to do anything, like how to wash a car, how to make a paper airplane, how to open an overseas bank account, how to study for a test and so on.

But very few people know “How to Make Money” with “how to” videos!

I discovered a great way to do it. I’ve taught this method at a handful of seminars and conferences. Most of the entrepreneurs who’ve heard this can’t believe how easy it is.

I can’t take all of the credit though.

My oldest son was working my office recently and I was ranting and raving about YouTube videos with a “million” views.

He said, “That’s peanuts”! Have you seen the “guitar” video”?, he asked with a silly grin.

“No”….I said sheepishly.

The “guitar” video on YouTube has more than 79 MILLION VIEWS!

Simply enter the word “guitar” in the YouTube search box and you’ll see it.

But the value of 79 million views comes into play when you can monetize the traffic and views.

The guy who developed the “guitar” video uses a great technique called “backend sales”. You can do the same thing.

The “guitar” video posted on YouTube includes a URL and short description. The description is “How I learned to play like this…”.

On the website you can opt-in to receive a free guitar lesson.

But more importantly…..

They offer dozens of information products and videos….some free some pay.

This is back end sales at its best.

Granted, you’ve got to have video which goes nuts (viral)….most videos sit like a bump on a log!

But if you copy the essence of the most viewed videos on YouTube (like guitar) you begin see how to make it happen.

You can also build a “review” website of the “guitar” video and reap Internet wide traffic…then sell back end products.

Oh…by the way…you can also become an affiliate for and make money this way too.

Tactic #3 Partner with YouTube and Grab a Slice of their Ad Revenue
Now you can partner with YouTube and grab a slice of the ad revenue pie.  The ad revenue is the generated when someone clicks ad next to your video. 

Granted, it takes a boatload of views…let alone clicks…to generate ad revenue on YouTube.
But if your videos receive respectable traffic….10k views per month and up….you will see some click thru and ad revenue. 

What videos receive the most traffic you ask? 

Well, videos like the “guitar” video I told you about do fairly well.

But all you have to do is search YouTube for the Most Viewed Videos, and you’ll find your answer.

You can advertise on YouTube too. This would be a type of YouTube arbitrage. You would advertise at one price point and split the ad revenue received in the partner program.

Marc Charles

***** Action Strategy *****

I’ve outlined three ways to make money with YouTube videos. Each of them is unique and can be very profitable.

Focus on the angle which best suites your objectives:

·        YouTube for Business
·        Develop “How To” Videos with Backend Sales

·        YouTube Ad Revenue Share

******Valuable Resources *******

Other Top Online Video Sites

More Video Revenue Share Opportunities

Saturday, December 26, 2015

How to Make Money with a Simple Product and Google's Help by Marc Charles

How to Make $10,000 Selling a Simple Product Online with Google and China’s Help!

7:01 AM

Dear Entrepreneur:

Check out my new Importing Fortunes promo.

Bob Maydonik makes $10,000 to $20,000 every month importing a simple product from China and selling it online.

He also secured a unique partnership with Google to design his AdWords campaign for him.

I talked to Bob on Monday about his little venture.

On top of that, Google provided advertising seed money for him to boot!

I’ll show you how Bob does it and how you could do something similar too.

As some of you know, I wrote a comprehensive home study course and e-book called China Wholesale Trader. An updated edition will be available soon from AWAI.

But know this…..

I’m not a rookie when it comes to outsourcing companies in China, and importing products for resale.

What’s more, my good friend and consulting client Phillip Sterling was in the process of launching a venture to export cigarettes to China and sell them under a “Mary Kay Cosmetics” business model, until his untimely death in 2004.

This was before all the “big boys” got ahold of  the strategy.

And so…I have a little insight into exporting products into China as well.

Here’s what Bob Maydonik did ….

Bob designed an oversized yoga mat which measures 6’ x 6’.

He called his company and product Square36.

This simple product makes $10,000-$25,000 per month for Bob Maydonik.

It took Bob about a year and a half to get this thing up and running, and become profitable.  You could do it much faster with the information in today’s issue!

Bob got the idea for an oversized yoga mat while doing the training program  P90X. He told me he was annoyed the size of typical yoga mats.

A New Site Opens the Door for You …..

With the idea in hand Bob he set out to find someone to design and manufacture it.

The he stumbled on is a Monster Resource for entrepreneurs to manufacture and import products from China. is one of the highest traffic business websites on the Internet.

I’m dead serious…..they have more than 6 million registered users and facilitate more than $6 billion dollars in transactions every year.

Bob located a company to manufacture the Square36 and export it to the US super cheap!

The next step was to get a website up and running…. here it is:

A website is the easy part.

Granted, a nice website with dependable ecommerce takes a little effort……generic templates won’t work.

But most entrepreneurs get overwhelmed with all the website stuff.

Focus on users and customers….NOT on your company, product or prices….and you’ll be fine.

Bob simply jotted down some ideas for his website and handed it to a freelance designer. It should only take a couple of days to develop a simple ten page website.

In fact, whenever you work with a webmaster, designer or programmer ALWAYS insist on completion date. If they can’t do it don’t hire them.

If you hire or retain someone with “artist tendencies” you could wait for years to get a website built!

I’m serious….I’m telling you this from experience on hundreds of ventures and websites.

Enough said.

The next thing Bob did was approach Google to buy keyword advertising.

But get this……..

Google built the Square36 AdWords campaign for them!

You heard right.

Most people don’t realize Google offers free consulting and assistance when it comes to setting up an AdWords campaign.

Yes…..Google wants your money…as much as possible.

But Google understands (better than most)  they can’t make big bucks over the long term without helping people make money.

On top of that, Google gave Square36 seed money credit to launch the product and the campaign!

One of the biggest mistakes Bob made (in his words) were the first twenty prototypes of the oversized yoga mat.

They bought a HUGE roll of PVC mat and asked the yoga supply wholesaler to cut them into 6′ x 6′ mats.

But the wholesaler ripped off their idea! This is fairly common but it always hurts.

In addition, the wholesale company grabbed the photo of Bob’s mat and took credit for it.

Bob quickly dealt with the situation by changing the color of our mat to black, increasing the density and thickness, and then embossing their logo on it.

Oh….Bob dumped the US wholesaler and went with a reputable company in China.

Bob mentioned the ripoff wholesaler has done a lousy job marketing their “knock off” product and so it hasn’t affected Square36 sales whatsoever.

A Million Dollar Lesson

Bob Maydonik learned a million dollar lesson about doing business in China.

When you do business in China the most important thing is the “connection”.

In other words, if you meet with a Chinese business partner and talk about your family for two hours! In the last ten minutes of a meeting the topic of terms and pricing might surface.

“If you take the factory manager out for beers you’ll get way better pricing & terms”, Bob said.

The business culture in China is built our “connections”, family, friends, and associates,

The biggest thing Bob learned about online marketing (and Google AdWords) is the time of day matters.

In other words, most people aren’t shopping online during their workday. The ads running on weekday nights always perform best.

Bob also said incorporating the cost of shipping into the price is the best way to go. Advertising “FREE SHIPPING” is very effective when it comes to Google AdWords campaigns.

Bob swears by the Alibaba.

He told me entrepreneurs new to this business should find a minimum of three manufacturers who can make what you want.

When you’re getting stuff made in China there’s a good chance the manufacturers will be in the same town (different towns seem to specialize in manufacturing one type of product).

If you can visit manufactuers in person, do it. Bob and his partner visited five factories for the Square36 mat. But only one of the five factories could actually do their project.

Bob registered his Internet domain (URL) with They host the domain at

Bob said the only thing he would you do differently is pick a product that’s easier to ship. A 6′ x 6′ yoga mat weighs about ten pounds. It’s as easy to ship as a pair of shoes or a DVD.

What’s more, you can fit a much smaller product in a Sea-Can, this would mean significant savings.

That’s it!

Bob saw a need, developed an idea, started SUPER small, found an inexpensive way to manufacture the product and import it. Then he got some help from Google to set up a profitable AdWords campaign.

You da man!

Please send me your thoughts, ideas, complaints or feedback. We read every comment, email, post and snail mail letter.


Marc Charles
“The King of Business Opportunities”

 *** Action Strategy ***

Do you have an idea for a product?
Hold on quick draw!
Everyone has an idea for a product.
You need to make sure there’s an existing market for it.
Don’t try to invent or build a demand for something….it’ll cost you millions.
Instead, focus on products already selling in the marketplace.
Three tools I use are Google, eBay and infomercials. Search Google Products and eBay for products selling now. You can use Terapeak to find out what’s selling on eBay too.
Infomercials are a great resource too.
Do you know how much money it takes to develop, market and sell products through an infomercial? The answer is a boatload.
So….if you see repeat infomercials you can bet they are probably selling products like crazy.
Then go to and find a company to make it for you, and import it.
Start small, test, and roll it out!

****Valuable Resources****

TradeKey (similar to – excellent resource)
As Seen On TV (hundreds of commercials and infomercials)